I’m back, back on my winding and twirling track. I left for Shah Alam on the night of 1st July and I arrived safely after a nauseating and revolting journey from home. It’s odd that I didn’t really felt easily nauseous anymore, I used too because I can’t endure a long journey whether it is by bus or car or any four wheel vehicles. Every time then, if I was traveling, I would find myself on the verge of vomiting every time the bus took a deep turn or cruise onto a shabby road. There was once, I was with my best friend in the bus and I gripped and clinged to his him like a mad man to avoid myself from throwing up. He will moan every time I grabbed his arm hard if I were feeling wobbly.

Perhaps the fact that I didn’t fell asleep answers the question of why I don’t feel like gagging last night. It really was a tough journey. Adding to the matter is that I still in the state of indecisive, I think I’m ready for the new sem and sometimes it’s vice versa. I don’t want to come back but at the same time I yearn for the sem to start. The previous two sem were a tough ones, full with superfluous drama.

However, what else is there left for me to do. This has been my responsibility to the family and to me that is the most prime. I want to cherish this sem with love and laughter, fill it with lots of love and great times. No drama please, I’m getting sick of it. Keeping up with the body healthily, hah there’s a tough task to do, keeping fit! I think i’m gonna eat green  after this..perhaps.

P/S: I’m gobbling a piece of leftover pizza, brought home by Moja..talk about diet aiye!