He sits and ponders,

About things that make him wonders,

The past,the present and the future,

Reminiscing the past,

Down He slithers,

Muses about the past,

The mistakes and errors,

The blunders and faults,

That he just committed,

He smiles,

Coz that makes him more mature.

And the tears and the weeps,

The sobs and the bleeds,

The forlorn story of his life,

How appalling??

What makes him stronger

And a fighter.

He looks himself

In the mirror,

He sees a pair of ominous eyes,

So murky,

Yet jolly,

A lost soul he found,

Dilapidated and decaying,

God, give me a moment,

for me to be free,

and a serenity,

To turn me into an escapee!

For me to be ME