Woke up around 6.45am this morning(the earliest by far), took my bathe and off we went to Padang Kawad. Crowds of white shirts appeared lingering around the place. I was wearing a black round shirt and a brown track suit, the flashiest of all. Met some familiar faces there, classmates and whosoever. Headed towards the place and the 1st challenge of the day:

“Tuck your shirts in and get your butt on the padang kawad!”

and then..

cepat la, terhegeh2..your friends are waiting!”

I was like…Duh poyo gler. We obliged and complied. I had swore an oath to endure all the impediments that could occur in this marching session earlier. I have to be patience and I have to be able to control my anger and the most priority is my mouth. I don’t know why but I think I’m quite outspoken lately-Lancang, haha-

I felt and looked icky wearing the sports attire. The atmosphere and the weather scorchingly turned into a heat,an utter heat that could burn your skin with no remorse. Pandemonium did break loose. They, the commanders were giving basic rules and regulations about Kesatria, they went on and on and yada yada yada. I was swearing parallel to them coz it was so hot. My skin turned red, blazing red looking like a raw meat ready to be cooked. The worse that could happen is when you don’t really know how to march, lets say it’s not your expertise and welcome to the club, my club and we could stand in the scorching heat to get more and more tan with a big ‘L’ on the forehead. I laughed my head off whenever I started marching..seriously.

Oh this is going to be a painful yet exciting semester indeed.