This is for you Izza.

Heed not some of the inappropriate or inapt sentences. The prime matter here is if there is an angel that is so angelic yet a lil bit crazy, it nevertheless is Izza.

Yes Izza, it’s you.

You’re an angel but sometimes could turn miraculously into a wacky person. Imagine the first lyric of the song articulated by Izza, isn’t it hilarious, I would smile of course.

Izza is Izza, during my first encounter with her, during the ‘Whoa Willow’s workshop’, I was like..Duh..gelabahgler die nie.

I’ve labeled her, a crazy gelabah person along with all the females crews. Albeit our short period of time joking around, I will treasure the precious moments undoubtedly!

Our crazy angel, heading towards her huge metal wings!

Fly our!

Artist: Kill Hannah

Song: My Crazy Angel