Thank you‘ is the meaning for the above words.

The first is Mandarin and Arabic is the latter.

I’m taking Mandarin this semester for my 3rd language.It’s fun yet so intricate. However, there’s something superfluous been lingering my head for quite some time. It’s trivial indeed.

My mother tongue is Bahasa, of course even though I always kiddingly illusion myself as a Pan-Asia.LOL.Nevertheless,my second language is English. However, at the same period of time, I learn Arabic too(Yes I was so don’t give me that sadistic look). So it’s like I have  two very different friends who are expert in English and Arabic. However, I pretty much love English more.

Don’t ask why.

Currently, like I said I’m taking Mandarin.Many people have asked, why Mandarin.I say, don’t bother finding the answer which I myself don’t have any inkling to it neither. So the trifling question here is how the sequence works. Which is which?Which is second and which is next?

I could articulate some Arabic words, it’s here in my mind but latent buried in my schemata. I’m learning Mandarin which can be considered as my fourth language.

The question is as simple as that.

Don’t answer if you don’t intend to.