This is what you get when you put men with eyeliner.

But what will happen if you leave some make-up accesories with a looney? you get this..

As the title suggest, this is not a review about the film The Dark Knight. Yes you heard me, finally I could steal some time today by watching it.A brilliant movie it is, undoubtedly. Packed with adrenaline pumping, jaw dropping and nail biting action and I’m not over exaggerating it. If you want a full complete review, click Hafriz’s and Husni’s blogs, they have nailed it.

Heath Ledger phenomenally acted the Joker with a huge success.Having said this, some people put that he overshadowed the Batman himself. I just couldn’t agree with that.His ‘over shadowing’ power is ignites because he is no longer breathing as when the film is premiered. However, kudos for him for such a magnificent effort.

Some may think that the Dark Knight sounds funny with his deep husky voice. I say it fits into the place very well. It suits him as a different person from the ever glamor life of Bruce Wayne. In this movie, Bruce and Batman are a two different persona.He is faced with a simple tribulation, choices and the price that he has to pay for being a hero in a corrupted city that seem unfeasible to be healed.

The ending and all the dramas that orbited our caped crusader suit the title Dark Knight aptly.

And again, this is not a review. I rather keep the astonishment to myself.

The best Batman’s movie ever!