Baffled with the title ha??

Yes, I thought it was over, the pain of stressful hectic and frantic days but alas it seems the end is the start of it. Mekar has ended last night with the closing ceremony where again my pride has been ripped apart*maruahku di rentap2* for the beautifully choreographed gimmick!. But gazillions of glad that I was not the center of attention or else I would die shamelessly. I had enough with the 2 previous limelight in Drama class, give others chances to shine too acad*aku memang poyo*.

I had so much sweating fun during Mekar.Scintillating as it was, the event went smoothly.I was nearly bored to death monitoring Ethos! pameran, nasib baik aku seorang yang berdedikasi.I was playing our 2 previous dramas repeatedly to attract people that seemed un-attracted.Due to our continuing ennui, we did a live acts of the scene between Dielle and Silhouette and I’m not joking around ya.

Hmm what else, I don’t intend to write much about the Mekar as people will blog about it undoubtedly. Oh yeah, losing my waning voice cheering for Hafriz was rather a pleasant experience.I lose my voice to such a talented person, so it really worth losing it.During the 3 days carnival, I’ve been given myriad of names favourably and unfavourably which I happen to detest them. First, people can’t get the images of gothic out of me, is it a good or bad thing? you decide. Second, people misunderstand the concept of eye shadow here, the prime matter here is not only dancers wear eye shadow.

It goes like this:

As I was walking towards our booth, I heard s noise..tap,tap,tap,tap..(bunyi orang sedang berlari towards me and with the style minah gedik’s running)

Dia:Abang..abang..abang nie dancing ea?

Aku:Ha?(sepatutnya dia cakap dancer, not dancing)

Dia:Abang dancing ea..??

Aku:Ha..??(lagi sekali)..x de ah..aku tak dancing!(mind the language coz it was scorching hot that time and I was asked a very daft question)

Dia:Abang dancing nie..tue pakai celak ngan eyeliner tue..meh la bli air kt booth kitorg..(ekspresi muka penuh harapan)

Aku: (aku terus blah tanpa menghiraukan dia)

Scene 2:At Ethos! Jumble Sale’s booth.

Aku:(chattering and bantering with my friends, and suddenly someone pulled my arm hardly, a noisy uncle or an intec librarian to be exact)

Dia:Wah, rock eh kau?(sambil membelek2 diri aku)ko rock la!

Aku:Tak, saya tak rock(muka menyampah coz he’s been a noisy uncle at our booth)

Dia:Kau rock la..!Kalau anak2 sedara aku cam nie..40 orang tuh mesti da maut!(simply put, if there’s any of his niece or nephew dress like me, they will get scold badly)

Aku:*blur coz I wasn’t listening to him but after my friend told me what he said..I was like oi pak cik, celupar gila mulut ko, aku da cakap aku tak rock ke black metal ke, yang ko sibuk pesal(I was literally uttered that)

There’s another one, this was during the poem recital, there were these two little children playing at the cafe and I was waiting for someone to emerge, so I decided to go and talk to them.The boy responded very well but the girl muttered to him:

Jom la Amirul, hurry up..we aren’t supposed to talk to strangers(sambil memandangku dari atas ke bawah)

The boy waved me goodbye dismissively and innocently. I don’t blame the girl, her parents taught her well but adik, abang tak makan orang la.And by the way, the children have a very well done command of English.

So that’s it, this has been lucidly diverted from the topic.LOL