I’ve been thinking to not blog about this but seems that I have not blog about anything for the past 2 days, I succumb to the temptation and I’ll try to do as simple and shorts as I can be.The Pidato was a hell of a fun. I enjoyed myself to the fullest. I am the kind of guy who is in favor of watching people giving brilliant speeches. I fancy English but today’s event makes me realize how beautiful BM can be. How could they construct such sentences flowingly without any slip of the tongue? I salute all speakers regardless of how well they deliver their speech.

I participated as one of the runners together with all my other friends and I was the one who escorted and ushered the English participants for the events. I always look forward to meeting new people to boost my level of self confidence but alas, things got way out of my hand.*I don’t care what you guys want to say after this*.They are so friendly and even some of them get so mutually friendlier than anybody else. But lets look at the bright side OK, nothing happens, just a couple of lovely act of getting new friends I must say.

I was left in awe during the BM sessions, there’s a myriad styles of delivering that the participants possessed. Today, it widens my thought that I am proud of our language.It is beautifully constructed pragmatically and syntactically. Kudos to them!

I certainly am looking forward for the final!