Dear God.

I’ve been a really bad boy.
I’ve been boisterous.
I’ve been malicious and malevolent.
I’ve been ignorant.
I’ve been a blabbermouth.
I’ve been a sinner.
I’ve been a nuisance.

Bless me in this blissful holy month!


*My this year Ramadhan’s resolutions (IF POSSIBLE):

1. Less kilos, aimed target is 5 kilos.(MUST)
2. Less swearing words aka ‘kurangkan pencabulan mulut/mencarut
3. Less spiced stories aka gossipssssss!
4. Less emo!
5. ‘Jaga mata, hidung, telinga and every parts of the body.
6. Khatam Qur’an (InsyaALLAH)
7. Tarawikh (InsyaALLAH)

**Will be updated