Ok the photo is a bit distracting but I just couldn’t bear it anymore. This is for you thief!

SomeFUCKINGbody stole my phone this afternoon. My phone, for God sake, my cikai with no built in camera, no MP3, no funky songs for ringtones and just a mere and plain mobile phone that people use to communicate with distant people.


This is my second time losing my handphones here.Eh correction, this is the second time someone stole my hand phones. The first was during my part 1 and now it’s today, when I’m in part 3.I think I’m going to lose one when I’m in Part 5.

Do you know how hard for me to get a mobile phone?But I don’t want to whine or ramble here, Wawan said we have to compare ourselves with the poor, not the wealthy people.

Enough said.

*When one of my things gone, I’ll feel that I have lost everything.

**This is really diverted from the topic but I hate falling in love, I hate the feeling of being ignorance.