Saw my name on Moja’s blog challenging me to post some weird entry. It’s a game of LOVE.

Here goes my LOVEList!

I love sleeping.I love music.I love looking myself in the mirror.I love praising myself in front of the mirror.I love putting on eyeliner.I love watching other’s people cool hair.I love my laptop.I love observing people.I love spending time with my friends.I love to laugh.I love to be alone, sometimes.I love screaming.I love all my rings.I love all my garments.I love my two bags.I love talking to myself.I love reading books.I love collecting books.I love being in the washroom/toilet.I love taking bath. I love being in a bath tub albeit I only experienced it once.I love to smile.I love to daydream.I love having powers.I love to have my own imaginary kingdom.I love to take pictures.I love when somebody takes my photos.I love money.I love my gloves and scarfs.I love to pamper and being pampered.I love my eyes.I love  to cuddle and being cuddled.I love being under weight.I  love to love.I love shopping.I love making faces.I love meeting new people.I love the smell of the petrol.I love to stare at something.I love my name.I love being happy.I love being ‘gedik’.I love you.I love them.I love us.