Happy belated and becoming birthday!

30 sept 2008


Coated with sugar.
Don’t make her laugh you’ll regret it.
Don’t make her cry, she won’t regret it.


05 oct 2008


Dubbed as Wan Chai also. I prefer Wawan, ‘Chai’ sounds a lil bit icky.
Talented but don’t be deceived by his cuteness or ‘chomelness’.
He’s more than meet the eye.
I covet his voice, OK honestly I fall for his voice.
Always intended to cut his throat and steal his miraculous voice but I keep delaying it.
I’m his first, biggest, fanatical fan!

Psycho tak aku Wawan??


12 oct 2008

.Bad N Din.

The one with the snow cap is Din and the left is Bad, the brother.

A twin, obviously.
I’m his self-proclaimed third twin brothers.
Can’t go anywhere without them or at least one of them.
Hilariously odd, yes they are!
Both have attached so girls, no chance.
I always laugh my head off whenever they are around.
Sometimes dorky but sometimes can be a lil bit smart too.
Athletic, both of them.
They could go berserk over any sports, especially football.


14 oct 2008

Moja N Azry

TESL would probably be a boring course if these two imps were not around.

No further description, they are famous enough!