and so it was tonight that brought me back to the good old days. Reminiscing some memoirs that were etching in my mind.

While watching my friend skating, I felt this adrenaline rushing into my lungs, pumping extra blood. These images of high school’s years came bombarding into my mind.

I used to skate, yes skateboarding. It started since I was in my form 2 in high school and it lasted for roughly about 2 years. I put skating to an end during form 3 for some specific and ample reasons. Dad asked me to focus on PMR and I obliged.*budak baik dulu ni*.

I can easily glide the skateboard, do ollie and simple tricks but I’m not that zealous skater. Maybe because Dad didn’t approve me to skate as I fell numerously and injured myself so often, but no major incident had happened to me except that I nearly dislocated my shoulder because of trying to do a pop-shuvit. I fell on left hand so hard that I nearly broke my arm.

It’s been eons since I rode the skateboard, and tonight I dreaded the feeling. It’s just nostalgic. However, these little knees of mine kept trembling, traumatic perhaps of the past experience that I had survived. I envy those skaters, gliding their skate with poise and grace.

So this question came knocking my mind,

Should I  or should I not continue to skate?