tagged by T.A.J.U.L long ago, and I’m frigging bored. This would take me for ages to drill into my mind searching the weird things about me.Heck I think I’m weird myself.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.* The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts

  1. I was dubbed as Che Tak back in high school due to some silly occurrences. I used to despise the name but now I care not.It’s not nice, the name I mean.
  2. I’m a jealous person. Oh yes I am.However, I’m learning to cope with it but it’s damn hard you know. But now I think I manage to handle it well.People say because my eyebrows are literally connected to each other.Kata orang tua2
  3. I can’t look into one’s eyes when talking coz it’s terrifying.I don’t know what ignites it but I just can’t dwell into some one’s eye, either I’ll go blazing red or I’ll have this awkward feeling.
  4. I fall in love within a glimpse I must say. Easily at times even I myself can’t help it. Stupid kan?
  5. I love making faces and I talk to myself. It’s not absurd, it’s just a hobby.I snicker myself and I shower myself with praises.Sebabnya tak ramai puji saya so lebih baik puji diri sendiri, self motivation.Motivasi la sangat!
  6. I love women with high heels coz I think they are sexy that way. Besides it’s not easy to walk with your feet literally like tiptoeing. Also I’m attracted with short-haired women, the shorter the better.Sometimes those who wear purdah too, just looking at their eyes make me wonder about their innerself, I think they are sexy in their own way!
  7. I’m quite a shy guy.Yes.It depends on certain people too.But obviously I’m not that type of guy that will make friends rather too swift. It takes times to get to know me better.
  8. I have an eclectic and eccentric friends, imaginary friends. I have lots of them since I was little up until now.We grew up together. I talk to them, sleep with them, bathe with them and do everything. Jamie is one of the dearest, Fede too and Aqui.Sometimes I will confess to them about my problems. Our friendship is surreal. They have their own life, which I created. But once in a year, we would gather together, it’s like a reunion.
  9. I’m an obsessive person.I can go berserk over something and someone. And when I’m obsessed I can be pretty much annoying.Damn it!
  10. I posses vibrating hands.No kidding.Both my hands vibrate, it’s not an illness, it’s just vibrate and tremble. People can’t look at it or else it’ll vibrate more.Couple of years ago it was like so severe, I have to hold the other one so that it’ll stop trembling.No it’s Parkinson either.It’s just vibrate!
  11. I used to think that I’m a mutant because whenever I gazed at  something, the vision would double.I have migraine, but I used to think that I’m a psychic because of the pain.
  12. I’m a very sensitive person.it depends on situation and the persons too.
  13. I got surprised like shit easily.
  14. I don’t usually afraid of things.Its just I’m so lemah semangat.Once I held the tail of a phython while screaming and bashing the snake till dead. However, my greatest fear is ulat gonggok.Had a traumatic experience when I was little.
  15. I hate my hair, that’s why I fancy looking at other’s hair.My hair has 3 layers of hair ‘dressing’.the first is moisturiser, then the cream/wax/rubber and then I conclude it with a spray yet I think my hair looks ugly.