Hamz tagged me.7 little things you should know about me, mind the word little :

1. I have a pair of gloves, eyeliner, two scarfs, two wristbands, 5 rings and 2 wallets.
2. I hate kacang, kacang soya, tembikai cina(the white one), tauhu. I can’t stand the smell or I’ll end up     being nauseated and vomit.
3. I take a long time dressing up.(refer to num 1).Dressing is vital, you never know who you’ll bump into so always be at your best shape!
4.I’m a weight conscious .I avoid myself from getting the ideal weight. I prefer to be under-weight.It makes me feel more secure and I just fancy being skinnier.
5. I collect pennies and squids. 5 cents and 10 cents.It’s a bizarre hobby.
6. I have two moles at my chest which I think they make me look sexy.Ha-ha, No vulgar intended.
7. I don’t own a room at my house. I share it with my big and little brother.It’s a first come first serve basis. We only have a queen size bed. This is because, every one’s away, Big bro is working at Malacca while Lil bro is staying at a college.