Happy 21st Birthday
Nothing I could offer except our warm peculiar friendship,

You’re my good friend,
You’re my arch rival in everything since high school,
We’re living in the same state,
Our houses are just a stone’s throw,
In 3 years time,
We haven’t actually sit around a table,
Catching up and bantering,
I lost your phone’s number,
You lost mine when I retrieved it,

1 thing that makes me frown is that when you sent me that message,
“dude, I’m at Aussie..how’s life”
Being away and not even a word,

Kita memang kawan luarbiasa,

Then, you’re back,
I texted,
Let’s buka puasa sama2,
Oh cool..!
U uttered,
But when the day came,
Both of us forgot about it,
“aren’t we suppose to buka puasa sesame ke ari ni”
How silly,

So this is for you,
Ya I know you’ll be going back to Aussie,
Well I just wait for your message then.

Lots of love dude~


Ahmad Faiz bin Hasnan

4th November 1987