Scene 1
Ubid: Lagu apa ha best sekarang?
Aku : The Jonas Brothers

Scene 2
Bard : Weyh citer apa best sekarang..aku boring nak download nie?
Aku : Camp Rock!
Bard : Citer apa?
Aku : Jonas Brothers berlakon..

Scene 3
Loh : Aku nak tgk HSM ke ha???
Aku : Tgk la Camp Rock..lagi best..Jonas Brothers berlakon..aku ada..nak? Aku g ambik jap..tak yah download dah

Scene 4 (Camp Rock)
Shane Dan Aku : I don’t wanna waste my summer at some camp! I’m Shane Gray for crying out loud!
Nick : Hey man, 3 years ago we were campers..
Kevin : Yea man. this is where th Connect 3..connected!
Nick : Besides, u get to see ur uncle brown..
Shane Dan Aku : Hah..not a selling point..

*the point here is, I have memorized all the scripts in the movie!*