The movie Twilight has been re-made, since the current Edward is spreading his phenomenal cute-looking vampire throughout the globe.The producer is thinking to replace him with another actor, a world-wide phenomenon as well.

Here’s Joseph Adam Jonas as Edward Cullen

Sorry to all the Twilighters out there but I really have to post this. The temptation is so hard to resist.This is hysterical and totally wicked.

For all the JoBros fans, this is meant not to sneer Joe coz rest assured I’m Jonas’ biggest fan especially Joe.

The point when I went berserk :

“how old are u”
“how long have u been 17”
“uh i said 19”

i know what u are
say it.. out loud
are u scared
um no whats the worst u could do to me dump me over the phone??

P/S : To those who haven’t the slightest idea, Joe broke up with Taylor Swift over a 27 seconds phone they say.