Had a little mood swing last night~

However, today has been marvelous and awesome.Pretty too despite the scorching heat that’s burning my body.

Love struck early in the morning.Then the class was canceled because the lecturer was absent.Godsend!

Went home and chatted with ‘love‘ on the YM.
Surprised and in awed to find that Helmi had left a comment on the blog regarding Siti Nurhaliza’s latest album.

Rushed to his blog and found out that he had posted all the songs in Siti’s new album!
Went berserk a couple of minutes then listened to all the songs.Hands clapping and head shaking!

Got a New Year Eve BBQ’s party tonight and looking forward to that.

The day has been great!!!

p/s : Thanks to Helmi for the songs
p/s/s : Hope it’s not too late, Salam Maal Hijrah
photo’s credit : Deviant art