I couldn’t get the coziest sleep since Mr Helmi and his friend,Mr Zamri posted an entry on their blog listing all the songs in Siti’s Nurhaliza latest album. A pang of defeat hit me hard.Those guys are currently in UK, Newcastle(I think) yet they manage to grab the song right before I could listen to it.

(Insert sessi sumpah-menyumpah mereka di sini..haha kidding..seriously I’m kidding)

But yesterday was a blessing(blessing la sangat) coz I finally got my hand on the album! and it’s free..I repeat F.R.E.E


A heartfelt thanks to these three guys, Moja,Chip and Azri for ‘coercely’ getting me this as my belated birthday present!

I know this is nothing extra ordinary about this but hey, there’s a point to brag here.Haha.

So Helmi, anda jealous tak?

Tolong la cemburu..coz the first time I hold this album, in a sudden this name blurted from my mind, H.E.L.M.I, sounds familiar right since I have no other friends by this name who’s sharing the same interest with me so obviously it’s you.

*gelak evil*

p/s : A huge thanks also goes to those who surprised me with the birthday cake on New Year’s Eve, you guys and girls could vividly see how excited I was, I went berserk, jumping in gusto upon glimpsing my name on the cake!