I was never a fervent fan back then. Heck I didn’t watch the second installment of it series.  I’m more into Heroes because I just like watching people with extra ordinary powers scuffling among them, X-men is for an instance. But just now I had finished the third season and it hooked me, seriously. The way other religion depicts their Angels and Demons, Ghosts and so on. It’s riveting to watch. You’ll go ooh and aah. Their exorcism ceremony is rather cool too. There is a thing or two that are familiar in our custom and tradition of ‘menghalau hantu’, they use salt and our version of ghost too sort of afraid of salt. Ask your ancestors, grandma and grandpa or watch our version of exorcism, the Imam some times uses salt to held captive the evil spirit.


My prime problem is whenever I’m into something or fancy something, I’ll get obsessed with it. Take Siti Nurhaliza and the Jonas Brothers. Currently their brotherhood bond really captivates me, each and everyone of them is willing to sacrifice themselves, selling their souls, for the sake of their half. Their brotherhood love fascinates me and some times you would wish you were their third brothers. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t wish for that, but I will. See how absurd can I be whenever I’m obsessed with something.

In season 4, it will involve Angels, how’s that?

P/S : I wonder how will the Winchester’s Brother, Sam and Dean deal with our famous Tok Dalik and Bok Miah of Puaka Niyang Rapik.