It’s 3.o3 in the morning.
Insomnia strikes.
I can’t sleep or even shut my eyes.

Buat roti dgn susu 2 keping.
Teguk Peel Fresh Apple Aloe Vera kepunyaan chip.
I can imbibe the whole bottle, large size.
Unfortunately it wasn’t mine.
Thinking to go take a stroll while going to 7E,
but malas crept in.

Everyone was sleeping soundly.
Literally am staring and talking to the posters pasted on the wall.
The Jonas Brothers and My Chemical Romance.

These eyes still won’t shut despite the numerous number of me yawning.
I guess it’s time for Supernatural.

Tiba2 bau asap rokok,
Oh mungkin Nel di luar.

Selamat Malam Semua.
Good Night.