For the first time in my life, I feel that I’m old. Yup it has dawned on me that I’m getting older and it creeps the hell out of me, seriously. I used to brag and smug of my age numbers. I’m 22 and usually people would find it hard to believe the fact that I don’t exactly look like 22 years old. They would be taken aback, well as far as I’m concerned.

Jadi apakah motifnya aku membawa isu ini??

Well, I’ve been spending my mid sem break plunging my head on some nostalgic things!
TV series, movies and songs that were aired during 80s and 90s. For instance, the TV series Popular. Besides, during my schooling years, I did enjoy listening to the oldies, take The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentines, The Blondies and etc etc for examples. I even am finishing the book entitled The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. Plus, I’m devoting my time watching my favourite childhood movies like 3 ninjas, The Karate Kid, The Batman, Power Rangersyou heard me right!-and such.

However, something did strike a chord on me. Last night, I was having some wacky conservation with this friend of mine, a girl, a woman to be exact, 23 years old and pretty, sweet, funny, pretty and sweet and pretty and sweet, hilarious, pretty and sweet….*Dush tumbuk diri sendiri sebab hilang focus* and she kept whining how she has grown up all this way. She said she’s in early mid life and how she’s going to graduate at the age of 25 and stuff. Oh woman being woman, can’t really put the blame on her. Ha ha

It occurred to me that I have to amend my future plans. You see, I have set an age limit for me to wed and it is at the age of 30. Yes people would drop their jaws and let their tongue rolled every time I uttered this. Some people think that’s way too unfeasible and impractical. Well, I indeed have great and myriad of plans for myself ahead of me. I wanna be well-established before committing into some serious commitments. Furthering my studies in Master level and even PHD. Plus, I’ve been thinking to opt for more courses, meaning that I’m not going to stick on pursuing my Master in TESL only. Fashion and maybe Journalism has been lingering in my mind for quite some time now.

I reckoned being childish and I think I did look daft and stupid, awful too.Sigh.

I hate being, talking, writing serious. It makes me look uncool!

Well, let’s see how it goes coz growing old is inevitable but being old is..well optional!

p/s : Thinking to opt for a more matured look, scruff-ier and grumb-ier. Gonna let the moustache and the beard grow a lil.