We went straight-away to Ikea, hunting for their infamous,mouth-watering Karipap!. It was yesterday, and out of the blue, we(chip and I) made our plan to go there since we haven’t had anything stuffed in our stomach yet and it was already 4.30 pm. The actual plan was to go to Sec 2, as Chip was going to have his hair cut and I was sending some books to be photocopied and we did go there but from there also, we headed to Ikea. Tak de keje.

The plan was just to tapau some karipap and then returned home immediately as we didn’t want to get stucked in some lengthy congestion. Dalam pukul 5  kot, mestilah time orang balik kerja kan. Alas, in a sudden, this idea blurted out from my skull, to get some taste on their renowned meatballs. People have been so positive reviewing the delicacy.

Kata hati,

Ko tgh diet nie acad, gila ke nk makan meatballs!

Kata nafsu,

Gila ke tak nak makan, try sudah, dah la murah dowh, besides ko tak makan apa lagi hari ni, so kira cam dinner ko la ni, come on acad!!!

Unconsciously,-haha unconscious la sangat-I found myself ordering a set of 5 pieces of meatballs.*nafsu menang!*




*usha orang*

*usha baju2/fashion orang*

*kutuk2 ngumpat2*




Damn! dah habis.

Staring left and right searching for a victim to be sneered, tiba2 terasa sedikit air mirinda oren terpercik ke muka ku. Godness gracious, Chip tersedak dan ter-sengaja menyembur air ke muka ku ini. Nasib baik sikit, grabbed some tissues and pretended that everyone wasn’t locking their eyes on us. Dengan machonya lap muka sambil berlakon ala2 tengah lap make-up. Hati mahu berkata2,menyumpah seranah tapi ku tutup saja mulut ini. People were still looking, some were gigling. Rasa cam nak baling jek selipar kat mereka. Padan muka aku, kutuk orang lagi.


My vanilla coke that was so stalwart waiting to be sipped. It does look like some red wine kan. *gila ko acad*

p/s : I finished reading The Catcher in the Rye last night and sorry Ika, I still beg to differ, Holden is not mental.  I like him actually.Going to proceed with Veronika decides to Die by Paolo Coelho.