Weight before dieting : 57 kg

It’s all started with this friend of mine and his big mouth which sort of celupar to me. Well you don’t really go and say “dude, you look so gemuk during your first in-a-5-years reunion. Some people just can’t tolerate with that kind of stupidity. One of them vividly is me. So that is the utmost reason why I choose to be on diet since the last semester break. I would ride on my bike every evening and controlled the amount of food I devoured. Sometimes refraining myself from consuming any white substance called RICE. People would be taken aback and frowned upon knowing that I’m  basically on diet. Yes I’m a weight conscious person. I prefer being underweight rather than getting the ideal one. It’s just a matter of insecurity. Truth be told, I was quite plump during my high school years, around Form 1. And you know what they do during those time right? Yes, they sneered and snickered you for being physically ‘big’. I mean come on, those years where we were all malicious, malevolent and mischievous. Zaman lompat2 pagar and stuff like that.

They had this song :

ada semut makan Mcdonald, Budak gemuk tak berguna

See how creative teenagers can be, this creative! ha ha Budak zaman sekarang boleh ke buat rhyme macam ni?

What would you feel if you are taking a stroll in your kampung and out of no where, some silly with no brains kids come and mock you, making monkey faces, singing the song out loud? Mula2 boleh la buat tak layan tapi bila amarah tak dapat di kawal lagi habis la. I went berserk and chased the kids until I got my hand on one of the boys, man did I punch him on his back? Yes I did, hard! Ingat lagi, the boy was my neighbour and when he told his mom and she would come searching for me demanding for answers, I would calmly retaliate :

“eleh, orang nampak dia jatuh tadi time tgh main, orang pergi la nak tolong pastu dia nangis, malas la nak layan”

Serve you right! Padan muka kau!

For 3 years, I rode my bicycle to school in order to be fit. The distance is approximately 10 ++ kilometres, if I’m not mistaken. I also didn’t have my lunch at school. Kat sekolah tak makan nasi pun. I always had some kerepek ke, some sweets and drank some water, air sirap that cost me 20 cent. All this went through until I got slimmer and slimmer until to some extent, people would jokingly accuse me of having some drugs because of my deplorably shocking weight loss.

Maknanya berjaya la!!! and oh I didn’t take any drugs.

I know I’m making a big fuss over this matter but tak kisah la apa orang nak kata, it’s MY frigging LIFE!

I had a plate of nasi lauk ayam merah for lunch today, after around 2 months of not gobbling any rice, I succumbed to the temptation today. Damn menyesal la pulak but as I’m penning the post, perut sedang galak menari lagu dangdut. Lapar la tu maknanya!

Current weight after approx 2 months of dieting : 57 kg.

Damn tak berubah!

I’m giving up on dieting, seriously. And now it’s time to take revenge of my nafsu makan!!

p/s : I think I love the photo..haha vain!!!

p/s/s : Hey you, sombong ngan aku sekarang yea..fine kite tengok sampai mana ko boleh tahan.