Some vital reminders for this week :

1. No eyeliner for me this weekend. I’m not going to put on my eyeliner, nothing personal, it’s just a mere experiment. Geez, how will I look like?

2. Finish reading Veronica Decides to Die. This is a must so that I would not be halted when I get myself some new books during MPH’s book sale this weekend.

3. Finish reading Animal Farm before wednesday. I’m halfway through.Do some homework too so that I can point out some thoughts in class during discussion.Had been so dormant for the previous classes. I fall asleep kot when Of Mice and Man was premiered. Sory Mdm.

4. Baca Al-Quran. It has been eons since I recited the holy Qur’an. Dalam solat tak kira la. Thanks Ummi and Ayah for reminding. Bad acad!

5. Start on the literary texts for Mr Suthagar’s class. To Sir with Love and Adrian Mole.

6. Eat, eat and eat. To hell with dieting.

7. Not to forget, SMILE~

p/s : Hey you..still don’t want to give up??