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FYI, the lucky name Acad which was mentioned in the video is none other than me!!!

I went berserk when she waved gracefully and smile sincerely to me.
I was too afraid I might collapse if I go and meet her face to face, that’s why I keep my distance.

Oh floating in the air, I am.
These knees were shaking terribly crazy everytime she smiled.

Oh dear Siti, what have you done to me??

When she reached for the stairs, I was wildly chasing her, paying no heed to people in front of me and I think I knocked a kakak which was walking right in front of me. I think she nearly fell from her feet.

Alas, my effort was futile. I was halted by three of her bodyguards.
Damn it!

I just yelled and she just waved and smiled. And there she went.

p/s: I just realized last night was the first time in my entire life I got to meet her within such distance.Ah I’m blessed!







*pengsan balik*