No No No No, not this time!

Nothing personal.It’s just you’re always aiming your arrow at me as if I’m the only one who’s breathing on the planet .I sometimes do feel annoyed and suffocated to the extent that I fall in love rather easily at times. Stop shooting your arrows man!Because you see it’s not cool to go red-ish and pink-ish abruptly every time you furtively take a glimpse of your crush. Truth be told, I’m tired already.

But since I have noticed that I’m growing some sort of raging affection towards my current obsession, you are better left breathe-less coz surely this is not the perfect time for me Cupey, although a part of me is treasuring the moment, the feeling of falling head over heels over someone.

Wrong timing

Wrong person (tho I hope you did notice me)

Sorry, I have to shoot you down Cupey!

p.s. Cupey=Cupid