Finally, it was over. Repeat. It was over!. My Co Drama that was staged last night had come to an end. Even though the crowd wasn’t that overwhelming, I enjoyed it to the fullest. Being a protective brother who’s quite emotional, I come to realize that Dupa resembles me a bit. Ah whatever, next!. Oh yeah, thanks guys for cheering my name, I mean my name, not those nicknames you guys suka-suke hati jek taruk.(insert tomok here). Nasib baik tak tergelak, bodo la Fifi. Joe Jonas is hugely tolerable and favorable but Tomok, what the heck weyh. And I think AD likes it for the fact that people were cheering for me because I messed my lines terribly and he said I appeared nervous to him in the last scene. Thanks again weyh. You make me a star last night. *Background music by Britney Spears, Circus*. Here’s some piccas from last night’s performance tho I rarely post any piccas of me in my blog but these are worth showing.


Is this a silat or what?


Memancung kepala Patung 1 yang sakit kaki, hiyyarhh!


Surrounded by the Patung-Patung!


Aku tak akan mengalah Ibu!

p.s. More piccas in Facebook.

p.p.s. Thanks Rayner for the awesome photos!!

p.p.s.s. In, Mahu gambar syaitan aku!

p.p.p.s.s. Mahu potong rambut tapi rambut makin jarang! I want Joe’s hair! *tiba2*

p.p.p.s.s.s. Apa kes Nabil menang ABP??? Patut Siti la menang.

p.p.p.p.s.s.s.Acad! Stop doing this fucking p.s.!Go take your shower!





psstttt, too bad You weren’t there last night because I think I saw you at the library that evening.