Are gone baby,

They have perished into thin air where I can easily blow off from my palm.

Got a message from her yesterday, asking for my help. Like always, she will contact me if troubles fall upon her shoulder. Begging for my aid and I would comply docilely. So I helped her, and she said she would gimme a call later at night. Yeah whatever. She didn’t call me tho, in fact she appeared online in her YM. So I waited for her to give me a buzz. Couple of minutes later, she buzz-ed me. Gave her the information she needed. She retrieved it and she muted. So I saw my chance there, so I typed :

Well, just so u know, when someone has helped you, usually he will be thanked for the assistant.

Serve you right! She retaliated by saying I’m going to thank you later dear, coz I still wanna have some conversations with you, you know checking you up yada yada yada. I was cold and bitter to the fact of her oblivious state and looking cute and innocent and such. She gave me this ‘kissing’ emoticon. Ah another chance :

Thanks but no thanks, you can keep it to your current boyfriend, I’m definitely sure he’ll like it.

Serve you twice! Oh she didn’t really get the message yet by saying Oh ok sombong sekarang ngan I, tak per2. Er excuse me, you cheated behind my back and to make matter worst, you stabbed me in the back also. I know it has been eons since that tragedy but the fact that you are still trying to use me kinda pissed me off. Enough is enough. You don’t know how hard for me to let you go, the excruciating pain I had to endure,how much tears I shed for you and your stupid boyfriend or should I say your victim, Fucking heart-breaker. What do you expect sayang? I’m not that daft acad anymore ok.

And we talked, she bragged about her current boyfriend, cute and good looking, fair and such. Duh Like I care, as she was typing, I went outside to the balcony coz I was so tensed and irritated. Leaving her talking to herself. I had come to realize one thing, my heart was beating in a normal rate. Yes! it did. No more wild beats whenever she appeared online like I used to even tho she ditched me. I still have the feeling of falling head over heels for her everytime my mind thinks of her and our memories. But today, my heart reacted normally. And I feel good and rejuvenated.

So I went in and said :

Look babe, we’re over for like 2 years and in case you’ve forgotten, you dumped me. I know we had agree to be friend and such but now I’m too busy to listen to your craps about your new boyfriend. Tak kisah la if die handsome ke, kaya ke, apa ke coz I know ur not going to end up marrying him coz I know you very well ok. So if you don’t mind, I have some dates to catch, and I would rather plunge my head on studying than listening to any of your gibberish talks. Besides, I have other IMPORTANT persons to impress.

I hate you!

She said.And she went offline.

Usually if she uttered the word ‘hate‘, I’ll go berserk and I would try my best to reach her and coax her. If I wouldn’t able to get in touch with her, I can’t shut my eyes, seriously because she meant the world to me (mind the past tense)

Thank you so much. I have long apologized you for your antics. I felt nothing and I liked it so much. Weird hah?

p.s. I can be a bitch too you know, or perhaps even bitch-ier.