Guess who?

Yup it’s Joe with Camille what’s-her-name-again.

Tajul has suggested to me to maki-maki this girl if I have any qualms towards her. Indeed I do but I’m not going to maki her. The first time I lay my eyes on these photos, I got irritated. I can’t help but feel jealous. I know it’s absurd and adding up to my absurdity is, I didn’t feel this way towards Joe and Taylor’s photo. This girl, I just don’t like her as much as I like Taylor. I think she has this evil look in her gaze.

Get over it Joe. She just doesn’t suit you. I got irritated to a certain extent that I feel like ripping off Joe’s photo in my bedroom. Yeah I have their poster pasted on my wall adjacent to my MCR concert’s poster.

Urrghhh Joe, I don’t like her. And Joseph Adam Jonas, I will hate you for this. Sorry. But I’ll still support and love you tho.

p.s. Baik pergi tido acad daripada kau merepek pagi2 buta ni~