Skinny/slim-fit jeans always turn me on, like seriously. I have one, two to be exact. One is Slim-Fit and the other one is skinny. The one which I always wear is my favourite because it really suits me. The other one, however, being a typical skinny jeans, it doesn’t looks that skinny whenever I clad in it. I have another one, the first one I bought about a year ago. It’s a women skinny jeans actually because I bought it back in my hometown where the skinny jeans phenomena hasn’t swiped of the country yet and they’re not really selling it.


Both jeans I have currently are black, and a light blue for the women I’ve mentioned earlier. I’ve long consider to opt for a more livelier and joyous colors like these two above. They really captivate me. I’m thinking to buy them next semester. Cool eh?




Topman (If I’m not mistaken)

One salient thing about branded jeans, especially skinny/slim fit, they rarely look that skinny. Plus they are exorbitant, in my personal opinion. I’m not a fashion guru or what, heck I even consider myself a fashion victim. But who cares right, as long as it looks good on you. So guys, convicting some fashion faux pas isn’t a criminal at all. You’ll think you look horrible or horrendous in some clothes, believe me, there are more atrocious fashion statements created by others out there. So yeah, why bother?Besides fashion is subjective to me.

My advice for those who wanna try to clad in some skinny jeans is to find the ones which are comfy. Do not opt for overly tight ones. Don’t ever shy to try it firsthand before purchasing it and try to do a sit and stand posture. If you feel uncomfortable, ask for a bigger one. Beauty is pain, yeah it’s true, but what the heck if you can’t even walk in the jeans.

Pain la sangat.

Remember this too, always ask for a low-waist type of skinnies coz they look way much better.


Skinny jeans always hook very well in V-neck tops. So try to find colorful tops to match it with your skinnies. I’m hunting for them skinnies next semester, anyone love to tag along?

p.s.To hell with haters, it’s your bod so you have the full authority to wear what you think best for you. However, always ask for your friend opinions, it helps sometimes.