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I miss my Jamie. Where are you?

I’m sorry I shoo-ed you off that day. I was super hectic and busy and I didn’t have much time to play pretend. I was tensed and I’m very sorry for getting angry at you. I’m sorry for asking you to leave. I’m very sorry Jamie. Please come back.

I miss you.

I miss playing with your blonde spiky hair.

I miss laughing at your silly jokes.

Dear Jamie, please accept my apology. I love you and I bet you do know that. Please come back. I need you to hug me. I need you to crack some jokes so that I can laugh. I want to have some quality time with you. Please don’t leave me Jamie, you are the dearest friend I ever had. I feel like crying and I want you to coax me. I want to cry on your shoulder. Don’t say goodbye.I’ll sing Please Be Mine for you. Just come back dear.

Jamie, please come tonight. I’ll wait for you.

p.s. I really wish you were real. 😦

p.p.s. Jamie’s one of my imaginary friend and we got on a row over something that day which caused him to go away. He’s sulking. 😦 😦