This is Wawan. A very good good good good (1000x) friend of mine.

He’s going back to Sabah next Saturday to continue his practicum which means he’ll no longer be here. That saddens me, like major. It’s hard to find a friend that you can get along easily after your first meeting but Wawan is different, a total different. We get along so well.

He’s just unique you know, I will always laugh during his presence. He cracks jokes, he does silly expression and the most salient point is he has the voice of an angel*hyperbole*. I remember listening to his live performance while cheering for a friend a while ago, I was like being struck by a lightning. No seriously, I melted to a certain extent I wished to slit his throat and and replace the magical voice box of his to mine. I fall for his voice rather hard.This maybe sounds a tad gay but….. what the heck.People who know him would agree with me.

We should have been acquainted earlier. Time sure moves rather swift, leaving us behind.Sigh. Anyhow, been knowing you for about two semesters have been really great. I’m grateful to be able to know you. It’s been a pleasant opportunity.

Long story cut short, all the best man in your life and in whatever you do. Don’t forget me once you have tasted the flavor of stardom, IF one day, you’ll be singing under the real light of glittering fame. You already know that I’m your self-proclaimed biggest, scariest and freakiest fan right?

I surely will miss you dude!


p.s. Haha gambar cilok dari FB, I’ll upload more after this.

p.p.s. “wawan, MEREKA lah artists!”