Yeah you know who you are!

Some retarded living creatures that hatred is the only and prime emotion they can feel and express.

I’m tired of this nampy-pamby business already. I will not make myself feel inferior without my own consent. Either you love me or you just hate me, that’s all and I don’t really ask you to love me, except for some specific people.Ha-ha.

So haters, just scram will you, you’re just a waste of the oxygen (AJ 2009). I will not tolerate any of your self-indulgent attitude. Go find someone to love ok, you’ll feel the world doesn’t really gyrates around you. Plus, our world is suffocating enough with all of those pollutions, it needs not another malevolent or malicious acrimony like you to taint it. Perhaps you may want to raise up your hand and give a hard bitch-slap on your face, or you can just go whine and cry somewhere people can’t see your pathetic face, whatever you may look, I just don’t give any heed.

Get it now? or you want me to show you the road to hell, the place where you are suppose to reside. I pity you but I love myself more to give any empathetic feeling to you. So just get over it, will ya?I won’t pray for your ailment but not indulging in any of your inane attitude would suffice to make me happy and content 😀

Thanks you so much.

God this make me feel better…and sexy too!


Your sworn enemy.

p.s. In every successful person, lies a pack of haters.