I always admire those great drummers in bands. I always think that the drummers are the soul and the crux of a band. The sound of a band would not complete without some guys banging those drums. The feeling is just a total epic. While I was browsing through the net, I came across this guy, Cobus, a mere god in banging those drums. He’s extremely terrific. Post some videos for you to experience it yourself. He purely transforms a song into a his own original version. That’s to me just a sheer stupefying and mind-boggling.

A cover of Jonas’ Burnin’ Up, man I just love this one.

Can’t get enough? Try below.One of my favourite songs by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Love the part where he goes berserk.

Man did I drool, yes I am. He’s just one music genius. I’m already a fan. How I wish I could bang those drums the way he does, that would be magnifying.

Click Here for more of his awesome videos, he covered Pop by N’Sync, that’s wicked!

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