I’m quite impressed on how jealousy and hatred can affect people’s life. What a sore loser, perhaps there is someone out there craving for attention and love. Oh pity you. You really are pathetic, I just can’t believe it. When someone is trying to take the job of the Almighty, by deciding on who should exist and who should stay alive,  he/she without doubt is mental. Some people just can’t accept the fact that somebody is living his life gleefully while his/her life is such a pain in the ass. Even dogs don’t just go and bark if nothing triggers their angers. Perhaps you are  worse than dogs, barking at someone’s happiness. Man do I pity you.

Jealousy and hatred are indeed a disease, get well soon hater. Enjoy your pathetic life and stop barking.Be a nice dog ok Siga?

Woof Woof, go and catch it boy!

p.s. I know who you are.