So here are the books that I’ve been digesting during the semester break and some of my genuine insights :


A good read but a typical piece of Albom’s work. It offers you some stirring experience and depicts a whole new picture of what paradise is.


Easily devoured. Read it out of curiosity since people were like going berserk over it. Not great but not bad either. Can’t really get the hype, maybe because I’d watched the movie first instead of reading the book.


Unputdownable. A terrific narration by the author. Slumdog millionaire type of book that explores the life of an Indian driver turns murder. Offers you a succinct portrayal of the life in India. It will make you ponder about the simplicity of life here in Malaysia or so.


I personally think this is the best novel ever produced by Paulo. A thought-provoking book that excavates the meaning and the crux of being crazy. A very different definition of madness by the author that invokes the reader’s sense of self-identity and the zesty of life.


Am still absorbing this little piece. Unique and riotous. Rather intricate and the writer’s pacing in narrating the story is rather slow. That’s just a blatant assumption because I haven’t reached reading half of the book yet, perhaps it might change my perception a bit later.


A classic. Haven’t started reading it yet but I think it has something to offer based on the plethora of compliments and appraisals reviewed by others. However, I had an upsetting experience with best-sellers. Hope this would not upset me.


I have a rather absurd relationship with this one. Read it half way and I halted. Since this is a compilation of inspiring and riveting short stories, thoughts and reflections, I have decided to consume it bit by bit. Compelling as the first short story hits me hard and I’m hooked.