I have never really favored the idea of turning back time. In my prerogative, things happen for reasons and the past will always be the past.

I don’t quite fathom the occurence that will happen to the continuum of space and time or the butterfly effects and whatever shits and such if we were to interfere with it.

However, I just wanna say this,

If only I could turn back time,

If only I am the master of space and time,

I only hope that everyday would be like yesterday or perhaps last night. That would be more than enough.

p.s. You’re just totally different..good different.

p.s.s. and special too.

p.p.s.s. 8th of July 2009. Ha ha I’m a freak, I know!



On second thought, let’s not interfere with the space continuum.

I’m tired already.

Thank you.