They say eyes don’t lie. When you want to be certain of anything, just give a deep gaze at the person’s eyes. You’ll get the answer of what you’re searching for.

I wish I could opt for this look sometimes. Because you see, one of my biggest and very vivid flaws is I couldn’t see straight into someone’s eyes whenever I’m having a conversation with the particular person.

I would have this bizarre feeling of insecurity churning inside me, eating me bit by bit. This is absurd, I know but it’s the truth, an ugly truth.

I would love to have a day where people would put on eyeliner and decorate their eyes according to their mood. It’s a lovely thing to do, seriously. Lets our eyes do the talking.  Can you imagine if that were to happen?

Look at our eyes, they are indeed small but they see enormous things in our world. Our life depends on how we perceive things too.

p.s. This is nowhere near ‘drag queen’ oke, don’t get me wrong.