Hey you,

I have secrets to be disclosed. Apparently they are about you and me, but mostly about you because nobody cares about me and my feelings so the secrets HAVE to be about you.

But you have to promise me to keep it a secret. Oke? Good.

I used to be in love with you.

I used to be lovedrunk. Everything about you is very dazzling and pleasant. I fall hard for you, head over heels. I think of you every second of the ticking clock.

You were everywhere. Up and down, you’re all around. I could barely shut my eyes as you’ll emerge from the white apparition of smoke, giving me that impish smirk.

You were everywhere. Up and down, you’re all around. I could barely open my eyes too as you’ll be the sole image that blurted from the ceilings and your sexy laughter whispered from those four walls.

Those four walls, they talk you know. They whisper.

The blanket and comforter, they create stories, our stories everytime I embrace them.

The ceiling and the posters, they got envious.

While them pillows, they share my jolly and forlorn moments.

and Jamie, he left.


Hey you,

wanna know what the secret is?

I’m still in love with you. The same exact surreal feeling I experience during our first encounter. The aesthetic adrenaline rush flowing in my veins. The deplorable electric shock I feel every time you talk to me.

It’s absurd, bizzare and somewhat crass.

But I’m loving all those feelings…

even though my heart aches.

So please don’t tell anyone my secret.

p.s. The other Jamie really loves Sunshine.