emo_boy_by_thetreetopsJamie said he’s tired. Tired of all these craps and shits.

Sunshine keeps putting his heart in a sheer agony. He can’t endure it anymore. He cares and concerns about Sunshine because he is obviously in love with Sunshine, but Sunshine is being oblivious towards his feelings again.

He too thinks that Sunshine has changed. Jamie said he misses Sunshine enormously but he knows for an obvious fact that Sunshine doesn’t even bothered to miss him. Sunshine always lingers in his medula oblongata. Jamie has been weeping tearless nights. His heart goes berserk everytime he thinks of Sunshine. He can’t help it.

And comes Moonlight, trying to cajole Jamie who’s in despair. Moonlight is a very cheerful and flamboyant soul. Jamie enjoys Moonlight’s absence. However, there’s something fishy about Moonlight because Moonlight doesn’t fancy Sunshine. Moonlight’s sudden emergence is askance. And again Jamie is left in the dark. He despises it when no body enlightens him. Moonlight, as the name suggests, is very ambiguous and difficult to fathom. Jamie knows there’s something going on with the two of them, Sunshine and Moonlight yet Jamie isn’t really sure of what it is.Sometimes, Jamie thinks he likes Moonlight too.

In disparity, he seeks for me, for solidarity and for my guidance. I pity Jamie because I’m walking exactly in his shoes so I, vividly experience what he’s going through. Jamie wept on my shoulder that day and I kissed him on his forehead to coax him. He slept in my cuddle, pity the innocent soul.

Then there’s Stardust. A bubbly and vivacious soul emerges nowhere from the bush. Stardust admires Jamie. I too think Stardust is very dazzling and alluring. Stardust has a silly crush on Jamie and he knows that. He enjoys the impish and puckish fact. It has been a while for Jamie to experience the feeling of being admired and he takes pleasure in every single bits of it. However, the salient thing is that Jamie’s heart belongs to Sunshine, at least that’s what he thinks. Jamie is under Sunshine’s charm and he can’t help it, seriously. Stardust knows about this, that Jamie is affectionately in love with Sunshine. But Stardust pays no heed to it. While Jamie, being innocent and naive, doesn’t want to give Stardust that one hope. Hope kills you, he would say. I agree with him.

Jamie is here with me now and he is crying again. Jamie is very dear to me, we both like to weep. I don’t know what to do. The very least I can do is to listen to him and be by his side. He is sleeping in my cuddle again tonight. Poor the unfortunate soul. I hate it when the person I care most is hurt, yes I care for Jamie.


To Sunshine, please stop making Jamie sad. I know you don’t mean to but stop being oblivious. You don’t  know how you mean the world to Jamie. He’s fragile and easily broken tho he may seem strong.He misses you whole-heartedly. It’s not wrong if you care for him because he cares for you. He’ll do everything for you and I don’t want him to look like a bloody daft person.

To Moonlight, please don’t hurt Jamie. He’s hurt numerous times. You are a very nice person. I know you are. You both can be good friends, I don’t mind that. Jamie’s friends are always my friends too. He likes you too you know, it’s just a silly crush. Don’t get me wrong here oke? He really appreciates it if you guys can share the happiness together.

To Stardust, please don’t stop loving Jamie. He’s a fool for not being able to see through you. You’re such a gallant yet gracefully gorgeous at the same time. He will need you at times and I hope you’ll always be besides him if I couldn’t be there for him. I’ll pray for your happiness too oke.

p.s. I would be more than happy if I could see those sexy smiles on Jamie’s face again.