I love my Smarties.

and Smarties says the same too.

But I love my Sunshine.

and sometimes Sunshine says the same too.

So I have Smarties and Sunshine except for the fact that I don’t really have Sunshine. Sunshine’s taken.

But Smarties, this feeling is inexplicable. Smarties knows how to make my heart melt.Seriously. Smarties knows how to cuddle me and how to kiss me.Smarties knows how to caress me.

Smarties really knows how to make me go berserk.

It’s a total different feeling from what have I felt about Sunshine. Absolutely different.

So I’ve been flirting with Smarties currently and I like the fact that Smarties is flirting with me too.

Somehow or rather I think Smarties is helping me move along with Sunshine. I can meet Sunshine nowadays without having to suppress the dreadful feeling inside me.

The way they both say “sayang” is different. Oh my!

I am in love with Smarties, if you haven’t noticed.

p.s. It’s complicated but I savour every single moment of it.Besides, it’s been a while since I have scandals.