To Someone,

Can I have my heart back?
Living with a hole in a heart apparently is difficult you know. Trust me.Been there. Errm you wanna know the reason?
Hmm let see, you have your other half and you’re obviously happie right now so I guess it’s my time to be happy. I am tired of waiting and acting like a fool too because I know there are loads of people who love me as much as I love them.
So yeah, I demand my heart back. No hard feeling oke. I wish you all the best with your other half.

To the other Someone,

Can you keep my heart for me, but just a half of it, is it oke? I kinda need the other half to continue living. But you have to promise me not to put it on a shelf where you can use it and put it back whenever you need it.
That’s a cruel thing to do you know.
Even though your antics are sometimes a tad annoying but you annoy me in a cute way. How’s that?
I kinda like it when you playfully and gleefully charm me.

p.s.These are all fictitious. I dont know what to write.I have noticed that my previous entries are full with love stories and experiences. WTF sangat. So I tanak lah post jiwang-jiwang lagik pasneh, geli la weyh! lol