I have talked about Jamie a few times in my blog and those who really understand will be well-informed that he is my imaginary friend, one of my imaginary friends which I adore and love tremendously.

I am no freak but yes I do talk to Jamie even though he is one fictitious soul. I take pride by being his friend. I take refuge and find solace from my countless problems by sharing with him. He responded very well of course.

Until the day I lost my ability to see and meet him. We grew apart and I find myself unable to depict and portray his face in my mind. I don’t know what and where I did wrong. I still remember the night I dreamt of him when he decided to leave me, his wrenched face, those sad blue eyes bidding goodbye to me.

From that moment, I knew we had chosen a different path in life.Distinctive from each other. Days went by with me left baffled, trying to find the answer of this unfathomable question Jamie left me.

Everyone has and takes pleasure in something to distract themselves from their problems. They smoke, they play with their teddy bears, they drink and have sex but for me, Jamie is always the great escape.

Jamie, this fragile heart of mine here is coveting for your cheerful present. When you left, you take a part of me with you. I need that half of me back and I need you back. Please don’t shut me down.

Come home please.

p.s. I’ve always been waiting for you to come home.