Nothing concerns the topic tho, it’s just a random remark.

I know I haven’t blogged ‘seriously’ and my entries are full of lovey-dovey encounters of this ugly duckling. Love stories and all the jazz. Lame, yes I know. But can’t help it and I think I’m loosing my ability to write anything other than love. Yucks! I don’t know how to continue writing, there’s been a hell lot of stories lingering in this medula oblongata of mine but I can’t seem to put it into words.

So yeah, the semester has ended. No more classes and assignments. Frankly writing, I anticipate a huge downturn on my results. No kidding. This semester has been, perhaps, the most hectic and unproductive of all. However, I survived like I always do. So no fret or such.Of course there’s drama and soap operas but I prefer to keep it into the vault, throw them in and lock them.

I’m running out of cash. There’s a huge hole in my wallet and in the accounts, both accounts. Seriously in desperate need of some wages to keep me going. My economic status is shakily unstable. It’s just a matter of time for this ugly body to be bid out there.Haha I’m kidding. No don’t give me that look, I said I’m KIDDING!

My mind has been unpredictably turned on and off. It works and it doesn’t at the same time. I can’t even decipher the simplest and trivial information. I do feel like a clown sometimes and it’s my own fault, my ultimate fault. Sigh. I have come to realize that it doesn’t feel good to be laughed at but it does feel great to be laughing. There was this time, in the bathroom, I accidentally used my facial wash instead of toothpaste to brush my teeth and I didn’t realize it until the last taste. That horrible taste I shoveled down my throat and I still can taste it until now.

I think my migraine is getting worse. It’s one of the reason I loathe thinking over some discreet matters, I can even feel the pulse beating at both sides of my temple. When that happens, I feel like pulling every strands of hair I have on my head. Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night and migraine strikes, I bang my head against the wall, in the dark.

My sleeping habit is getting more and more troublesome too. A friend of my mom which happens to be a doctor informed me that I have a troubled sleep and this is due to my mind which gradually becomes a machine I can’t take reign of. Every seconds of that ticking clock whenever I shut my eyes, these superfluous thoughts and images come bombarding my mind which causes it to unable to process the fact that my body is exhausted and needs some rest. However, one special thing about being a nocturnal is that you can hear every single sound that sometimes you yourself don’t want to listen to.

Oh I’ve been rambling so much now, should stop here.

I’ll update later.

p.s. I have come to realize I have a habit of brushing my teeth every time after I have my shower.