One thing in life I wish I have the knack in is definitely dancing.

I can move and do some this and that in a dance and I just love watching some inspiring great moves from all those passionate dancers.

I love contemporary dance. I think it’s the type of dance which you can pour your limitless expressions, blend in with the music and just dance gracefully with your soul.

It is when you can switch your mind and body off and just let the music trots in your veins and let loose what you have to say, with all the moves and jumps and crunches and so on.

Remember this awesome and handsome guy?

Mark Kanemura from So You Think You Can Dance Season 4.

He is one brilliant dancer I assure you and I just love him to a certain extent I wish I can dance like how he performs with such graceful and poised movements whenever he’s in stage. He got some pretty slick moves too.

He is now touring with Lady Gaga as one of her dancers. In fact, if you pay close attention to Gaga’s  Paparazzi MTV performance, you can easily spot Mark there.

p.s. Imagine a world where people are dancing to their own rhythm and beat. It must be wicked!