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I just love this picture, that’s all.

p.s. Hey you, am I not noticeable enough? haha

*When the heart speaks*

Sometimes, I really wish you can be a tad sensitive

…towards my feeling.

p.s. You’re very much aware of my feeling to you.

p.s.s. Yes, I’m jealous.

*It’s about time*


if that what’s best for you and me.

it has to be the best for me.

p.s. No I’m not talking about you who out of the blue render interest towards me, I’m talking about a very different person.

p.s.s. Yes you, the one I love, I’m talking about you.

*Fallin’ apart*

he knows he’s a sore loser
but he just can’t help it.

he knows he’s making fun of himself
but he just can’t help it.

he knows he’s an utter idiot
but he just can’t help it.

Because somewhere at a corner of his heart he is grasping and clinging to HOPE.
Even though his heart aches to a certain extent he feels like ripping it apart because of the dreadful feeling, he doesn’t wanna give up.

Even if it means his heart is shattered, into smithereens.
Broken into pieces.

p.s. Even if we’re fallin apart.
p.s.s. I hate the fact that I love you.

*Meteor shower*

He just wanna let everything go.

He’s tired of containing and suppressing his feelings.

He can’t really think straight at the moment.

and he doesn’t want to weep or cry, he had enough of that,

He’s been crying in his sleep for the past few days.

His heart is aching and He’s questioning everything that lingers around him.

This is just a phase.

He just needs some time to ponder and replenish himself.

or maybe a bitch slap to snap him back to the reality.

So please bear with him,

excuse his insolence, his incoherent sarcasms, his annoyance.

He just can’t get a grip of his life right now.


p.s. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and save my heart first instead of saving yours.




p.s. sigh.

I wake up and bandage these scars,

The scars on my heart

That prove that I’m still alive

Yeah I’m still alive

Lifetime, Kris Allen

p.s. when will this misery ends?

*False hope*

Because you are my almost lover and it has struck a chord on me that I will never be the person you love

and I will always be second best after him

and it just pains me

real hard

p.s. =(

Seriously, there will exist a family of squirrels jumping gleefully in my chest whenever I am with you.

Kablam Dabush, totally.

I love the riveting feeling of falling in love.

Whoever say you can’t flirt with random people is just lame.

Having scandalous relationships with many people give you the liberty of choosing who’s the best and suit you the most. There’s nothing wrong with being flirtatious.

This is just my personal two cents.

p.s. Five and counting..haha 😛