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*Violet Eyes*

hey you, go figure.

because sometimes, I too am tired.

p.s. Who am I to you actually?

p.s.s. Owh Don’t enlighten me, I don’t wanna know because the answer will cut my heart into pieces. So yeah, Don’t tell me.


because this is what I’m feeling tonight

The walls start breathing, my mind’s unweaving,

Maybe it’s best you leave me alone,

A weight is lifted on this evening,

I give the final blow.

p.s. I really hope it will end tonight.

She is way much hotter than Grammar.

and this is what I’m feeling at present.

p.s. You make me wanna do bad things to you.


and this is what I’m feeling right now.

p.s. I wish you are my only exception.

pretty much describes what I’ m feeling at the very moment.

p.s. Say you want me babe,

But you never do,

I feel like such a fool,

there’s nothing I can do,

I’m such a fool for you.


It’s 3.13 in the morning.
I’m fatigue.
Both mentally and physically but I just couldn’t shut myself down.
In deep dark,
I reach for my pillow,
cuddle it,
listen to Paramore’s The Only Exception
I think of you.


I weep silent tears.

p.s. my heart aches.


It baffles me the fact that

I MISS you so much

I don’t even bothered
to care about the rest

p.s. I miss you, I really do but I don’t wanna enlighten you because I know the feeling is not mutual.

Because when you’re with me,

Everyday is Valentine’s Day.

Get it?
It’s okay.

p.s. Yes, I’m hopelessly romantic.

*Nicholas Jerry Jonas*

Nick J is just a total genius. Here’s one of the many reasons to adore him and his side-project.


Nick Jonas and The Administration

I wanna know
Am I the only one around
Can you show me something deeper then I found
I wanna know will you be with me
Everything around is falling down
When I finally get these feet back on the ground

When it comes to writing songs, he writes them with his heart, that’s Nick J.

p.s. Hey, will you be with me? I know I will always be with you.

*Silly Dream makes me Dandy*

Because it’s hard for me to make you jealous and when you do, I feel so appreciated.
Even if it was a mere dream.
I feel so secure and content.
Not that I want to make you jealous or something, that would be a tad absurd.
but this feeling, the feeling of you wanting me is just priceless..
unbearably beautiful..
unfathomably decipherable..
inexplicably stunning..
no words can be penned here to describe the gallant feeling I have in my chest.
but alas
that was utterly
and merely
a dream.


p.s.Reality sucks to the core, let me pursue my dream. At least I have you by my side.