I have a very dark confession to be disclosed.
I’ve been stalking someone lately.
Yes stalking.
My oh my.
I think I’m crushing on that person.
Another crush is the last thing on earth I need right now.
The feeling is rather unfathomable and inexplicable.
Stalking, I never knew it can be this fun.
But hey, don’t get me wrong.
I just stalk the person’s blog and FB and Youtube and DevianArt and Friendster and Whoa!!!!
That’s kinda a lot of pages.
but but but there’s no harm in it right?
I just wanna know what the person’s is doing or had done everyday.
And I just stalk per se, I mean I don’t really go and introduce myself or flirt or anything.
there’s no absolute intercourse whatsoever.
So basically there’s no harm in it.

p.s. Been stumbled upon and ran into those figures from my past especially scandals and lovers lately. I need a new impersonation.

p.s.s. I remember this video clearly. Someone dedicated it to me not long ago.

sweet, I mean scary eh?